TechCanuck Podcast: Episode 11

Is a podcast worth a thousand words? Maybe this makes up for my serious lack of posts on this blog of late 🙂 845617-media_httpwwwdailypixelcaimagestechcanucklogojpg_hFztdbzJnCksbhCThe 11th episode in the TechCanuck Podcast series has been released. Canadian tech geeks David Peralty and James Cogan discuss and debate a wide range of digital talking points. See below for a brief description of what was covered in this episode.TechCanuck Podcast Series – Episode 11

Link: Direct MP3 Download (right-click for download to desktop)
Recorded Date: October 11, 2007
Runtime: 32 minutes, 54 seconds
Filesize: 11.3 megabytes

Talking Points
a) Canadians are falling in love with online social networks. We discuss a new study released from Ipsos Reid that confirms this.
b) Micro-blogging is hot. Google announced a purchase of Jaiku – a micro-blogging tool. We talk about the micro-blogging space in general, and also what Google’s entrance means for competitors like Twitter and Pownce.
c) The Google G-Phone. We take a stab at what it is, and what it isn’t.
d) Online video advertising. Google announces they are getting serious about monetizing YouTube videos with the launch of a new ad program. Will users revolt?
e) The music business. With DRM becoming an obvious failure, and Radiohead’s revolutionary announcement about how they intend on selling their new album, is this the beginning of a new era for the music industry? Are traditional music labels done for?
f) Closing thoughts.
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