My name is James Cogan. I have been immersed in all things web and digital since being an early full-time graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s New Media program in 1998. I am a seasoned entrepreneur and digital strategist with a proven 18-year track record of building highly successful online businesses and delivering measurable results to some of Canada’s top brands.

I combine high-level creative and strategic thinking with diverse hands-on experience. I have worked directly on every facet of business for mature and startup, throughout the concept, creation and execution digital funnel. This unique perspective has allowed me to build and work with great teams, while also focusing on big picture strategy and forging strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels of an organization, from CEOs to marketing managers to digital coding teams.

I have successfully built, scaled and sold digital products to many companies including AOL Canada, Google Canada and Anthem Media Group. As a digital trailblazer and entrepreneur, I founded one of Canada’s first CIRA-Certified domain name registrars and grew that business from zero to over 35,000 domains under management with over 15,000 paid clients before being acquired by an Alberta-based national competitor. I founded Canada’s first blog network and user-generated video sharing community. I have also successfully launched global digital products. I founded and scaled as one of the premier destinations in fantasy sports and was later acquired by Anthem Media Group which used FNTSY as their branding backbone for the world’s first 24-hour fantasy sports digital cable channels (available on Rogers Cable at Channel 499!).

In addition to starting my own digital ventures, I have also developed creative and branding strategy for startups, small-to-medium enterprises right up to Fortune 500 companies – including Mercedes Benz Canada, Blenz Coffee and Sotheby’s International Realty – and have consulted for Google and

I was named a ‘Producer of the Year’ Finalist at the Canadian New Media Awards, and have also appeared in radio and newspaper interviews across Canada as a social media and blogging expert.

Most recently I co-founded Galahad Mobile and am now focused on launching app-based digital products starting with the launch of our first app called We Wish in summer 2017.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada. I am a proud Canadian.

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