Canadian New Media Awards Experience

The CNMA Finalist experience thus far has been everything I had hoped it would be, and so much more. We are now 2/3 of the way through the 2-day experience and have had the privilege to meet so many talented Canadians who are all doing amazing things on the web, film, gaming, arts, mobile etc.

Adam Froman founded the CNMA 7 years ago, and his passion for the Canadian interactive industry is truly infectious. Everyone involved with the CNMA has a genuine passion for celebrating Canadian new media talent, and every event is planned with the idea of maximizing the experience for the Finalists.

Our experience started on Sunday night with a BBQ at the Canadian Film Center. It was the perfect ‘casual’ kickoff event that got all of the Finalists warmed up, and introduced to one another. Previously unknown names and faces became friendly peers in just a few hours. Today (Monday) we had our second CNMA event which was at the Royal Bank Plaza on the 40th floor which sported a jaw-dropping view of Toronto and Lake Ontario. It was a bit more of a formal event, but again, the value of networking at this event was tremendous. This luncheon was clearly about bringing together the corporate sponsors of the CNMA with the Finalists.

I was incredibly impressed by the genuine interest at the corporate level for our Canadian new media industry. The companies involved with the CNMA clearly see the vast potential in the Canadian social/new media space and are eager to meet the emerging leaders in our industry, which is just another positive sign that our industry is on the rise and poised for continued growth.Tonight is the ‘big show’.

The Awards Ceremony kicks off with a networking cocktail event at 6pm which runs until 8pm, followed by the announcing of the 2007 CNMA Award winners. This may sound totally cliche, but our dailypixel Network has already won. Being a part of this event has been an incredible experience and it has already brought newfound awareness to our network from public relations, potential partnerships, creative alliances, business services and general interest from current and new users/readers. We are a big winner no matter what transpires this evening, whether our name is formally announced as a winner or not is just a total bonus to an invaluable 2-day experience.

To the Canadian new media community at large, I can highly recommend embracing this event. Get your names, companies and endeavours nominated for future CNMAs, and I promise you, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. You will meet and share a bond with some of the most amazing Canadians that had it not been for the CNMA, you probably would not get exposed to. The Canadian New Media Awards are a win-win scenario for all who participate, whether you ‘win’ or not.

Needless to say, it has truly been an honour to be part of this year’s event.