Note to self; make sure you draft Robert Griffin III on your fantasy football team. Anyone who wears these socks to a Heisman Trophy ceremony (and wins) belongs on my team.


Steve Jobs’ Speech from 1980

Quite possibly my favourite Steve Jobs video. Perhaps only his Stanford speech stands above it. The word visionary gets tossed around lightly these days but there is no denying Jobs’ as the genuine article. He gave this speech 4 years before the first Macintosh computer was even launched, yet so much of what he talks about still applies to the modern Apple of today. At a time when computing power was doubling exponentially every year, IBM was intently focused on harnessing that power to broaden the computer’s functionality. In contrast, Jobs was primarily interested in using that power to make the computer easier to use. Think different, indeed.

Canopy + Connection

I love this video because it serves as a great metaphor for the evolution of the web. As we navigate through the world both online and in physical space, we are now enveloped by an ever-present always-on canopy of internet connectivity. As we move through these real and virtual worlds, we are creating tendrils of attraction and connections to this web canopy with every barcode scan, tweet, photo share, Facebook like, check-in etc.. Our movements and interactions are constantly changing our relationship and experience with the canopy, and in turn it is influencing us.

Bubble bubble toil and trouble?

Yelp is readying a $100M IPO that follows Groupon’s similar offering. What do these two companies have in common? No profits.

When multiple unprofitable companies are given access to this kind of liquidity, largely by slicing off a small portion of the equity and dividing it up among thousands of overeager investors, I can’t help but conclude that we’re back in a tech-stock bubble.

via MarketWatch

“Advertisers are Schizophrenic” when it comes to online video

Whether online video has asset value (premium, high production value, offline content) or not (UGC, viral etc.), advertisers/brands are still feeling their way through this emerging medium and marketplace. Advertisers want to be wherever the views are, but do so with some perceived risk and trepidation. At the end of the day, if the video is getting views, it has value.

Scan, Browse, Shop

Black Friday was a prelude to the Christmas shopping season, and by all accounts this holiday season is going to be a watershed coming-out-party for mobile shopping…
“GSI Commerce, a division of eBay that hosts commerce-related websites for several large retailers says that it saw a 345 percent increase in US mobile sales compared to last year’s Black Friday… In addition, PayPal saw a year-over-year 350 percent increase in the number of customers shopping through PayPal mobile.”
via GigaOm