Ford paves road with Social, drives message home with Traditional

Social media is growing up. No longer just viewed as an augment or value-add initiative, more and more brands are starting to lead with their social strategy.

The new Ford Fiesta 2011 campaign is the latest example of a big brand seeding and engaging online through social media prior to unleashing a follow-on traditional media campaign.

The campaign is a “paradigm shift” for Ford, since it’s the first time the automaker has marketed a new car using social media, and then followed up with traditional media, said VanDyke. The strategy was to establish brand awareness prior to entering the U.S. small car market. In the first 18 months, Ford sold 750,000 Fiesta 2011 units in Europe and Asia. In the U.S., however, Ford doesn’t have a small car presence. Hence, a social media campaign, dubbed “Fiesta Movement,” which kicked off last year to fuel the necessary hype, VanDyke said.

Not only is the digital/social-first mantra becoming more prevalent, but it is also bringing more focus and greater emphasis on gaining earned-media traction from traditional campaign efforts.

An idea that doesn’t generate more content isn’t a very good idea.

via Brandweek