Dot-ca Hits One Million Domains Registered Milestone

Congratulations to;John Demco – The grandfather of the .CA registry who founded it back in 1987. It was his ground-work while operating out of the University of British Columbia which led to the creation of the .CA domain.CIRA – The current organization that manages the .CA registry. CIRA took the .CA domain fully public in 2000.Canada – Is it patriotism or availability (in comparison to .com) or a healthy combination of these and other factors? The increased usage and visibility of our .CA country-code domain has been an evolving and growing trend. Hitting this milestone says something about Canadians in both a communications and marketing context.If the Federated States of Micronesia can parlay their country-code into a radio-branded .FM domain extension, if the Tuvalu Islands can do the equivalent with .TV – might an unused, undiscovered or neglected .CA have ended up as .CAlifornia? Canadians chose to register one million .CAs and in so doing have given life and relevance to something that is uniquely, Canadian.