Smartphones, nomenclature & Siri

The big trend for the past 10 years has been to pack more and more features into devices: making phones the Swiss Army Knives of gadgets. If you have a smartphone now it’s already your camera, watch, GPS, calendar and music player.

With the next generation of phones, it’s going to become your credit card, train ticket, TV remote control, language translator, toaster controller, it will power the augmented reality glasses that you wear, it could become your ID card and your passport…

Some of the most interesting innovation in mobile tech still comes from these third-party apps…

When the “cloud” becomes more significant our mobile phones will be our portal to the immersive internet that surrounds us, letting us control and interact with other computers and people.

Your phone is only going to get more important. Just don’t lose it.” – LES

Does your company, brand name, web address pass the Siri test?