TechCanuck Podcast: Episode 13

845617-media_httpwwwdailypixelcaimagestechcanucklogojpg_hFztdbzJnCksbhCThe 13th episode in the TechCanuck Podcast series has been released. Canadian tech geeks David Peralty and James Cogan discuss and debate a wide range of digital talking points. See below for a brief description of what was covered in this episode. With Special Guest: Derek Featherstone joining us to talk about the second iteration of Web Directions North, the Vancouver-based web development conference – coming January 28th, 2008.

TechCanuck Podcast Series – Episode 13

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Recorded Date: November 13, 2007
Runtime: 29 minutes, 54 seconds
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Talking Points
a) Wireless broadband continues to emanate potential and possibilities with companies like Google lurking. The latest rumor has Google (and perhaps with/others) pursuing an acquisition of Sprint. Could Sprint be the catalyst that leads to a major shakeup in the broadband delivery business?
b) Derek Featherstone, web consultant via Ottawa-based consultancy Further Ahead joins us to talk about the second iteration of the Vancouver-based web development conference he founded as well some general web standards and accessibility banter.
c) ‘Tis the season for another Digg acquisition rumor. Will Digg finally sell? Or is this more PR?
d) Google is in talks with American Idol creator Simon Fuller. What is Google up to? Could GoogleTV be next? Listen as we discuss the possibilities.
e) Closing thoughts.
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