TechCanuck Podcast: Episode 15

845617-media_httpwwwdailypixelcaimagestechcanucklogojpg_hFztdbzJnCksbhCThe 15th episode in the TechCanuck Podcast series has been released. Canadian tech geeks David Peralty and James Cogan discuss and debate a wide range of digital talking points. See below for a brief description of what was covered in this episode.

TechCanuck Podcast Series – Episode 15

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Recorded Date: January 3, 2008
Runtime: 28 minutes, 30 seconds
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Talking Points
a) Facebook terminates Robert Scoble’s account and it’s World War III in the blogosphere. Is Facebook’s desire to keep your data on Facebook justified, reasonable, necessary or is it not playing fair in the game of Web 2.0 where data is free-flowing and off-site mashups are the norm?
b) The blogosphere is all atwitter over Twitter’s business model or lack of one. Does it have one? Does Twitter need one right now?
c) New Year’s predictions – Internet advertising slowdown? Blogging jumped the shark? Google a content producer? We discuss.
d) Closing thoughts.
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