The Hidden Value In The CBS – CNET Deal

I’m not suggesting CBS is paying $1.8 Billion for domain names. However, CNET does bring with them an impressive list of some highly brandable, extremely rare domain locations. Over time, CBS will leverage them to create lasting, high-recall brands in the marketplace and cornerstones to their overall online strategy. CBS has had trouble gaining traction beyond the Sports arena online, with the acquisition of CNET’s developed and undeveloped brand assets, they now have a platform of possibilities and potential to grow on.Another point to mention is that CBS has their toes dipped in numerous forms of media. These brand assets will give them value-added traction for every single ad dollar they spend marketing these locations be it in print, television, display etc. As the marketplace continues to get more saturated with brand messages, the high-recall nature of these brand assets will make each ad dollar CBS spends marketing these locations go further.

“Notice CNET is right there behind IAC on that value list. CNET has sites and domains they haven’t even fully launched/promoted yet along with fantastic content sites:,,,,,,,,, etc… I mean think about the example and wonder how many billions in subleases can be made from Frager

Tech diva Sarah Lacy agrees…CNET’s domain assets include:
and more…