Shopify keeps innovating

I want to give some props to the brilliant folk over at jaded Pixel who continue to do incredible things with their baby, Shopify. Shopify makes selling anything on the web dead simple, and incredibly beautiful. Good design, easy implementation and simplicity are corner stones to building a successful web app, but few teams hit that sweet spot. In the case of jaded Pixel and their Shopify system, they’ve not only hit the mark, they’ve hit it out of the park. Not satisfied with having one of the best ecommerce applications on the web, they have now set their sites on building a large and diverse ecommerce community and marketplace – enter Shopify Marketplace. Now you can search the whole network of Shopify stores through their Marketplace search engine. This adds even more value for their shop-owners and further cements their position as an innovative leader in this space. Way to go Scott, Tobi and the whole JP team. You guys rock.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Shopify co-founder Scott Lake about a year ago.