Web Video Productions Soon To Rival Hollywood

The ‘Video Game High School’ webseries is a small production compared to big-budget Hollywood. But it’s not ‘shot from my basement with an iPhone’ small. It’s the new Semi-Pro small, with enough funding to make a production look almost as polished as Hollywood-driven content, minus several zeros on the balance sheet. Impressive. It won’t be long before many of the shows on broadcast television are started independently on the web by talented videopreneurs, and eventually get acquired by major studios after they’ve been market and traction tested. Not dissimilar to how tech startups are born, grown, then acquired.


Smartphone-Zombie Apocalypse

29% of Gen-Y respondents said they check their smartphone so regularly, they lose count. And, let’s be honest, it’s not just Gen-Y. For the foreseeable future the smartphone will rule the mobile universe, but these types of metrics underscore why constant-connect / constant-visual initiatives like Google’s Project Glass have a big future.


Growing Mobile Landscape

With less than half of U.S. adults owning a smartphone, it means there are still a lot of dumbphones in use and we’re not even at half-time in the smartphone revolution. Tablets are the big story with ownership doubling year over year.


Bandwidth Consumption Tsunami On The Horizon

From the web morphing from a text-based medium to a video-centric medium to massive growing hunger for mobile broadband. There are a lot of factors brewing for a perfect storm of bandwidth shortages in the years ahead.

The world of cloud and networking is often filled with buzz words about hosting features and server appliances, but we tend to overlook the fact that none of these things are possible without adequate bandwidth. The latest data from IDC suggests Internet traffic will grow exponentially, “approximately 50 percent year over year,” and that’s just on “fixed” boring old traditional networks. Mobile traffic is to double that figure – yes – 100 percent growth year over year. The growth is inevitable, so the question is – are you and your enterprise prepared? EyeonIBM

Smartphones, nomenclature & Siri

The big trend for the past 10 years has been to pack more and more features into devices: making phones the Swiss Army Knives of gadgets. If you have a smartphone now it’s already your camera, watch, GPS, calendar and music player.

With the next generation of phones, it’s going to become your credit card, train ticket, TV remote control, language translator, toaster controller, it will power the augmented reality glasses that you wear, it could become your ID card and your passport…

Some of the most interesting innovation in mobile tech still comes from these third-party apps…

When the “cloud” becomes more significant our mobile phones will be our portal to the immersive internet that surrounds us, letting us control and interact with other computers and people.

Your phone is only going to get more important. Just don’t lose it.” – LES

Does your company, brand name, web address pass the Siri test?

QR Codes Spearheading Adoption of Mobile Action Codes

The percentage of magazines with at least one (QR Code) code is up from 96% in Q4 2011.

Overall, the total number of action codes printed increased to 1365 in Q1 2012 from 352 in the same period of 2011.

The percentage of advertising pages with an action code may provide the most accurate measurement of mobile action code adoption. For the first time, the percentage of magazine pages containing an action code exceeded 8% each month in Q1 2012.


via nellymoser

Moving furniture…

In lieu of the recent news that Posterous (the platform this blog is hosted on) has been acquired by Twitter, this blog will be moved to a new a platform in the next few weeks. While Posterous has yet to confirm any roadmap alteration for the service, I’m not exactly bullish on the idea of creating content on a platform that seems almost certain for major changes at best, or complete closure at worst.

In addition to a new platform, look and feel to this blog upcoming, expect a few changes to the type of content that will be published here as some exciting changes are on the horizon for me and my business focus. Stay tuned, please 🙂

Jets over Sex?

The largest pure single domain name transaction belonged to Sex.com which was sold in October 2010 for a record breaking $13M. Now it appears Sex.com will have to a back row seat to PrivateJet.com which has more than doubled the previous benchmark for a pure single domain name sale.

Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC (Nations) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Nations has acquired the domain name http://www.PrivateJet.com, from privately held Don’t Look Media.com, a leading intellectual property holding company, for $30.18 million in cash and stock. PR Web