Moving furniture…

In lieu of the recent news that Posterous (the platform this blog is hosted on) has been acquired by Twitter, this blog will be moved to a new a platform in the next few weeks. While Posterous has yet to confirm any roadmap alteration for the service, I’m not exactly bullish on the idea of creating content on a platform that seems almost certain for major changes at best, or complete closure at worst.

In addition to a new platform, look and feel to this blog upcoming, expect a few changes to the type of content that will be published here as some exciting changes are on the horizon for me and my business focus. Stay tuned, please 🙂

2 Comments Moving furniture…

  1. David

    Guess you should stick with WordPress, eh? 🙂 Seems you haven’t had the best luck with other publishing platforms (Moveable Type and now Posterous).

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