Content strategy like your favourite coffee shop

Having a presence on social media is not enough nor is producing regular content. It’s all about flavour, aroma and atmosphere. All of the things that make a special coffee shop different than the rest, is similar to what separates an average content strategy from a great one.

“…more often than not, companies tend to focus on securing their presence in the race to catch up with competitors. They get the coffee shop in the form of a Facebook, Twitter or YouTube presence, but forget what they’re serving… The content is what makes the medium social, not the other way around. An empty coffee shop is no good strategy.” – Thomas Crampton & David Dubois

Producing great creative content is the key to getting good dissemination to and by your target audiences. That’s less about content scheduling, and more about the quality of your content coffee and uniqueity of your content environment. In some ways, an iron clad content schedule can lead to the creation of content that hinders viral sharing. Schedules are unavoidable, but it’s equally if not more important to foster a content strategy that sows the seeds of creativity, out of box ideas and reactions to real-time opportunities.