Newspapers are dropping the ‘paper’

The sign of things to come? Is news on paper really dying? That depends on who you ask. I truly believe newspapers will be around for a long time yet. But they must evolve and embrace change. I added some flotsam and jetsam on this topic a few years ago. While debating the newspaper’s future is much traveled territory, one association is grabbing the bull by the horns. The International Newspaper Marketing Association has just announced that they are changing their name.

INMA is changing its name to reflect the evolution of its member newspapers and lead the newspaper industry toward its multi-media future.

Their new official name is: International Newspapermedia Marketing Association

“We are an association evolving to meet the evolving requirements of our members in a changing information landscape,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director of the 1,300-member global association. “Our roots and our origins remain intact. Most of our members continue to make the preponderance of their revenues from print newspapers, and we believe this will resume growing in the future. Yet the online, mobile, digital, and niche publishing canvasses are vital, growing and important to news consumers and advertisers who want to reach them. We want to be an association inclusive of professionals in our larger industry not be tied specifically to those of one medium.”“We simply replaced five letters in our name to reflect the new realities of our business.”